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(Membership Application)

Church or Project Membership Application

If you would like your city or town centre church or project to become a member of the Methodist City Centre Network then please complete this form.

There are two categories of membership: full and associate.
Section 4 of our Constitution has full details of the distinction.


  1. that the details of the contact person given below will only be used to inform the church or project about the events and activities of MCCN. They will not be passed to a third party.
  2. that the name of the church or project, the town or city where it is located, the name of the contact person (but no contact information), and a link to the church or project's web site will be added to the Network page of the MCCN web site.

Is this a change to an existing entry?
(If so then give enough information to identify the church or project and only fill in the changed details.)

Church or Project Information:

Web site:
Methodist District/Circuit: (dd/cc) Leave blank if not applicable. District projects should give the circuit number 0.
Category of membership: Full

Name and details of main contact person:

If this person is already on our mailing list then it is sufficient to give only title and name. Otherwise please give full details and the person will be added to our mailing list.

Given Name: